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Extreme-os stock system

Extreme-os is a stock trading system based on the tendency of stocks to revert to the mean.  The system trades daily and holds a maximum of five positions overnight.  This system works well in both bull and bear market and has been documented at Collective2 for over 10 years.  See FAQ for more details.


Extreme-os stock trading system  is up 2% for 2018.

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Stop loss in mean reversion strategies

By on July 13, 2017

Excellent article on the use of stop loss in mean reversion strategies from Sutherland Research.

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Mean reversion for 2016 Emerging markets?

By on May 3, 2016

Meb Faber Research’s post on opportunities for commodities and emerging markets.

Never short a low float stock

By on November 23, 2015

This is such a crazy story from ZeroHedge. There are so many lessons to be learned here: Not shorting a low float stock, not putting all eggs in one basket, black swan events do happen frequently in the stock market. InvestorsUnderground

Dow post worst August decline in 17 years

By on September 3, 2015

Uncertainty over China’s economy has caused the Dow to drop 6.4%,  its worst August performance since 1998. Marketwatch Extreme-os posted a -0.4% performance for August. We have been fortunate to not having a larger drawdown in this difficult period.  I

I hate it when this happens

By on July 23, 2015

We enter SNDK on 6/30/15 after 5 lower closes. SNDK continue down for a couple days and stayed sideways for half a month. On 7/22/15 SNDK would announce earnings the following day. I had to exit the position, not wanting