Extreme-os trading system  is up 29% for 2012,  up 46% for 2013 and up over 24% for 2014.

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Sticking to a profitable strategy

This article illustrates how hard it is to stick to a winning strategy when faced with drawdown

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Good strategy for the ES traders

This seems like a good short time strategy if you trade ES futures.

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Watch your cortisol level

Testerone and cortisol levels affect your trading.

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Trading lesson

Trading lesson from SMB Trading

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Forex Trading

Forex Trading, not the way to get rich quick. Bloomberg

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PSX 10/16/2014 intraday trade

on 10/16/14 PSX had been down 5 days in a row, with the last 3 days trading at a large intraday range.  It opened gapped down with the market.  As the market bounced up sharply, we got into a long position with PSX starting to move up with the market at 66.61

Usually we would hold a position overnight, but since this is our largest win a while, we took an intraday profit and exit at 69.42.

Had we hold overnight , we would be even more profitable, but I was being too cautious with the market not oversold like this in a while.  Anyway, I was glad I booked that win.

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How much lower will the market retrace?

Keeping this pullback in perspective.

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Know your statistics

If you know your statistics,  you might not get too mad next time you encounter a losing trade. Bloomberg.

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Riding winners

Another article about momentum trading at AlphaArchitect.  If you prefer to work with a longer time frame than a few days, I think momentum trading is a very viable strategy.

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