Extreme-os trading system  is up 29% for 2012,  up 46% for 2013 and currently up over 25% for 2014.

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Know your statistics

If you know your statistics,  you might not get too mad next time you encounter a losing trade. Bloomberg.

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Riding winners

Another article about momentum trading at AlphaArchitect.  If you prefer to work with a longer time frame than a few days, I think momentum trading is a very viable strategy.

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Top ten websites for traders

Top ten websites for traders -

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Improving your trading

Improving your trading through consistency from Kirkreport.

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Momentum strategy

Momentum strategies from MillennialInvest.

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Has the bear market begun?

The new bear market has begun. SeekingAlpha.

This group is horribly oversold. Bespoke.

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Good trade ATHN 4/22/14

This trade showed how treacherous this market could be. On 4/21/14 ATHN which is currently in a long downtrend, had a big down day. On 4/22, ATHH showed sign of reversal and we entered at 132.5.  ATHN gap up the next day on which we promptly exited for a 6pt gain. It is tempting to hold on for a larger gain, especially when the stock is at 170 just a couple weeks back.  ATHN continues its down move into the 122 area. What a nice exit on this trade !!

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Small caps are falling

Hedgefunds shorting small caps. Bloomberg .

This is why we have so many opportunities currently.  Just have to hit the right one.

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April 2014 Update

Lately, hi flying momentum stocks in biotech and social media have been crashing. These stocks also have been more volatile. We need to be more careful on position size and not to be too concentrated in similar sectors.  We have not seen this kind of volatility since mid 2012.  There are no major economic crisis driving the market this time.  Now, it seemed that markets are undergoing in some kind of rotation, switching from hi flyers into safer mature dividend yielding stocks.

Pension Partners commented about this momentum breakdown in details.

Hopefully, this will allow us more opportunities and more chances of getting in rebounding stocks. The strategy is holding up well in this market correction. Extreme-os gained over 7% in March and continues to hit new hi in April.

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