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Extreme-os is a stock trading system based on the tendency of stocks to revert to the mean.  The system trades daily and holds a maximum of five positions overnight.  This system works well in both bull and bear market and has been documented at Collective2 for 10 years.  See FAQ for more details.


Extreme-os stock trading system  is up 29% for 2012,  up 46% for 2013,  up 24% for 2014, and up 1% in 2015.

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I hate it when this happens

By on July 23, 2015

We enter SNDK on 6/30/15 after 5 lower closes. SNDK continue down for a couple days and stayed sideways for half a month. On 7/22/15 SNDK would announce earnings the following day. I had to exit the position, not wanting to gamble on earnings. Next day SNDK jump 9 points. Hate when that happens.
SNDK_Jul. 29 16.33



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Facing drawdown

By on July 15, 2015

June simply was not a good month. The 8% drawdown is well within the historical performance of the system but it is still unpleasant. This article from GestaltU talks about just this and he says: “all investment strategies that are

Notes about stop losses

By on March 27, 2015

Truths about stop-losses that nobody wants to believe.  quant-investing.com

Tactical Asset Rotation Strategy

By on March 17, 2015

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Bond Rotation Strategy

By on February 27, 2015

The New Enhanced Bond Rotation Strategy With Adaptive Bond Allocation from Frank Grossman